The Crowsnest Heritage Initiative is a community group interested in preserving and promoting heritage in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. Its principal goal is to enhance cultural and heritage tourism opportunities in the Crowsnest Pass in order to preserve important heritage resources, increase community involvement and awareness, and increase tourism traffic and business revenue. Its principal function is to act as a coordinating agent in marketing, fundraising, project implementation, research and planning. For the most part the community partners, heritage organizations, and volunteers will be responsible for the implementation of projects. Most of these projects stem from the 2002 Crowsnest Heritage Master Plan.
If you are interested in joining the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative, either as a corporate partner or as an individual volunteer, or would like to contribute in another way, please contact Sacha Anderson. Comments on the content of this website may be directed to Ian McKenzie and any questions or comments about the web design should be sent to Nü(digital) Computer Solutions.
CHI projects that are planned or currently underway include:
The Crowsnest Heritage Initiative includes:

Sign and Printed Material Guidelines
Heritage Signage Master Plan
Historic Driving and Walking Tours
Historic Coal Mining Corridor
Hillcrest Mine Disaster Memorial
Miner’s Union Hospital
Crowsnest Museum – Outreach Exhibits
Crowsnest Museum – APP Barracks Project
Crowsnest Museum – Expansion Redevelopment
Bellevue Mine – Mine Tunnel Exhibit Development
Bellevue Mine – Machinery Acquisition
Bellevue Mine – Tour Orientation Centre
Heritage Site Protection
Heritage Trails
Heritage Building Preservation
Crowsnest Lake Dance Hall Stabilization
Coleman Collieries and Greenhill Mine Site
Community Oral History Project
Coleman National Historic Site
We are indebted to our Crowsnest Heritage Initiative partners for much of the information and the historic photographs on this site, particularly the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre and the Crowsnest Historical Society.