The Leitch Collieries Provincial Historical Site is located on Highway 3 about 3.5km east of Bellevue. An 0.8km wheelchair-accessible self-guided interpretive trail winds around and through the old buildings of the Leitch Collieries coal mining and processing facility that operated between 1906 and 1915. Interpretive staff are on site between May 15 and Labour Day and special events are presented during heritage festivals.

Despite less than ten years of active mining, the facilities at Leitch Collieries were impressive. Today, the principal remaining structures were those made of concrete, brick or dressed stone, while only the foundations of the wooden structures remain. This fascinating interpretive walk provides an excellent insight into the large support plant needed for a major coal mining operation a century ago.

Admission to the Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site is free, with donation box contributions encouraged. The site is opened each spring after the snow disappears from the parking lot, and interpretive staff are on hand (and the washrooms are open) between May 15th and Labour Day. Other details can be obtained from the Leitch Collieries website (external site).