Our Community Walking Tours are casual self-guided in-town walks past places of heritage significance. It’s a great way to get out and experience the heritage architecture and stories within each of the former towns that make up the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. These walks are suitable for persons with mobility limitations. Please note that most heritage buildings and sites are privately owned and should be viewed from the street only – unless they are interesting shops, restaurants or cafes of course.

A self-guided walking tour pamphlet and map is available for each of the five communities within the Crowsnest Pass.  Look for the downtown heritage kiosk in each community where you will find a pamphlet-holder, except for Frank where the pamphlet is on the sign next to the art gallery (open year round, and also worth visiting).  Pamphlets are also available during the annual Doors Open and Heritage Festival at locations advertised within the Events Calendar.  A guided tour of the Coleman National Historic Site can be arranged in advance through the Crowsnest Museum.

Visitors can also utilize portions of the Heritage Driving Tour map – just use the appropriate town map component as a walking tour.

There are also two Heritage Walks outside of these towns: Hillcrest Cemetery Interpretive Walk and
Leitch Collieries Interpretive Walk.

For longer outings you can select from a number of Heritage Trails.