The Miners Path was the historic route taken by Coleman miners on their way to work at the McGillivray Mine between 1909 and 1957. Up to 200 miners on each shift would walk the trail at all times of the year. Remnants of an electric lighting system installed in the 1940s for the night shift are still visible along the trail.

The trail is now maintained by the Coleman Lions Club as a scenic/recreational walking trail. This easy, pleasant trail begins at Flumerfelt Park in Coleman and follows Nez Perce Creek for one kilometre to Rainbow Falls. The trail branches at the 0.4km mark where a bridge crosses the creek and leads steeply up stairs to the old McGillivray Mine site, which still has remnants of a bygone coal mining era. Please do not disturb any artifacts.

Follow directional signage on Highway 3 in Coleman, and park at the far end of Flumerfelt Park next to traihead signage. An interpretive pamphlet that describes the old mine site is available from the Crowsnest Museum, also in Coleman.