The largest tourist draw in the Crowsnest Pass is outdoor activity, and many of our important heritage sites have spectacular nonurban locations. A Heritage Trails system creates a synergy of history and outdoor activity and encourages visitors to discover Crowsnest’s heritage while hiking or mountain biking through our beautiful natural environment. A free regional trail map is available from the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre and includes directions and descriptions for 25 trails, including the Heritage Trails listed on the drop-down menu under Trails & Routes above.

Many of the artifacts to be seen on Heritage Trails are protected by law, including some that are designated as Provincial Historical Sites. Please do not remove or disturb anything that you might see. And, remember to take the usual precautions for changeable weather and wildlife encounters when hiking in mountain environments.

An interesting trail guide book for the region is the out-of-print Hiking the Historic Crowsnest Pass by Jane Ross and William Tracy, which explains the heritage significance of each trail.  The most recent and accurate guide is Joey Ambrosi’s Southern Rockies Trail Guide.

Check the drop-down menu under Trails & Routes/Heritage Trails above for details on individual Heritage Trails.  If you are looking for something shorter or less strenuous, have a look at our Heritage Walks.