A system of over fifty outdoor interpretive heritage signs helps bring the history of the Crowsnest Pass to both visitors and residents.    Some of the signs containing text and historic photographs are located to enhance the self-guided Heritage Driving Route and Community Walking Tours, but many others are located at places of heritage significance and present information to both the history-hunter and the casual passer-by.  All signs carry the Discover Crowsnest Heritage logo and are in our distinctive colors.

Heritage signage can be divided into three classes: kiosks, signs, and plaques.  Kiosks exist in the four major population centres of the Pass to set historical context and to advise readers of some of the things that the community has to offer.  About fifty Signs concentrate on  specific topics or areas, and altogether present an overview of this area’s amazing past.  Plaques placed on commercial buildings of historical significance primarily target pedestrians.  Future plans may include placing smaller plaques for historically significant residences.

The text and photographs on each kiosk, sign and plaque was meticulously researched by a volunteer committee of the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative.  The sign structures were designed by students at the Blairmore campus of the Nippon Institute of Technology.  Funding has come from provincial and federal grants, and some private donations from companies such as Teck; no municipal funding was utilized, although municipal administration assist on some planning issues and town public works forces are occasionally relied upon for minor works.