Located on the shores of Crowsnest Lake near the community of Sentinel, the Dance Hall is a rare example of Rocky Mountain rustic/recreational architecture located outside of a national park.  It may be the last surviving example of the large dance halls constructed at resorts across western Canada between the World Wars. 

Built in 1931, the Crowsnest Lake Dancehall was a social focal point for residents of the Crowsnest Pass until the 1960s.  Archaeological work on the surrounding grounds in the 1970s also show this to have been an important campsite in ancient times, and it continues to be used by boaters and picnickers to the present day.

This privately-owned structure is presently in poor shape – please do not enter the building; view from the outside only. Some emergency stabilization work was conducted in 2002, but a thorough assessment and action plan is required prior to further work.